The Machines of Yesterday

I recently began to edit some video on my old Avio Casablanca and the thought came to me, "Does anybody remember this thing?" I have been using a good ol fashioned Casi off and on since I began editing video in my early teens. At the time, my high school was offering a video production course and due to the budget being weak, we had to learn by using Casablancas instead of newer digital programs. We didn't have access to Adobe Premiere and Final Cut didn't exist yet. I made the transition into editing on a Mac, and then PC after years of working with a Casablanca and boy was my world turned upside down. First off, there were way too many options and everything looked so intimidating. I came across an interesting sell for the Casi earlier today that sparked my interests on where they've been and if they're still being produced.What I found was bleak, but it seems Casablancas can still be purchased from a few locations. Most are refurbished, but if you're interested there is other options out there that one might want to consider that may suite your unique individual needs better than what you're currently using. One such location is McNally's Plug and Play. Who offers older factory refurbished models as well as newer products and accessories. Another is Hughes Pictures which provides the Casablanca S-4000 models, that can edit 1080i HD. For all of cinemaniacs out there, this is a very interesting piece in editing history to track down and look at. What do you guys think? Will there ever be a resurgence of stand alone editing systems? The technology is there, so why not? I think the main issue is the level of ease that an entry level editing program can have… first of all you can just head down to any local retailer and probably find something. It's relatively cheap and most consumers aren't looking to make the next Star Wars. However, call me old fashioned but I really appreciate the fact that the stand alone box was so easy to use and the experience it provided was much different than what you might expect. I challenge everyone who reads this blog to take a look for yourself and see if a Casablanca, is worth some attention.

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