TMPG Makes KARMA Video Manager Beta Available

Reprinted from a TMPG press release:

TMPG, Inc. (, the company that makes digital video easy, is introducing their latest software, TMPGEnc KARMA, a digital video library organizational tool. It will be the companys second freeware product, joining the highly-rated TMPGEnc video encoder. The English language version of the software is available now at the TMPGEnc website ( for free download. A French language version is also available now on the French website.

As digital video becomes more popular, it is more important than ever for users to be able to organize their growing video libraries stated Kimi Matsuki, TMPG Inc. CEO. We created TMPGEnc KARMA for precisely that reason, and are making it available for free to assist anyone that has digital video.

Digital Video Library Organization – TMPGEnc KARMA can scan a specified video folder and add any supported video clips to its video library list. Videos can be sorted by name, creation date, number of times played, and more Users can also rate videos by creating custom keyword descriptions or by color-coding them for even more sorting options.

Digital Video Viewer
Users have the ability to view supported digital video files directly in the software and watch it in full screen mode or in the background while organizing the collection. TMPGEnc KARMA also has multiple preview screens so users can watch multiple videos at the same time, and the viewing area can be customized and resized to the users preferences.

It is possible to create a digital contact sheet of a video with the included TMPGEnc TileShot CREATOR. With this tool, users can create an image composed of thumbnail frames from the video, making it easy to preview the video contents without watching it. It is even possible to create an animated .gif file which cycles through a set number of frames from the video. These thumbnail images are great when used as previews on websites or archiving purposes.

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