Scarlet Update

One of the most anticipated camcorders announced at NAB 2008, was RED’s Scarlet. A 3K camera with a 2/3″ CMOS sensor, coming in at under $3,000. Rumors and discussions about Scarlet have been rampant since its debut was scheduled for “early 2009”.

Yesterday Jim Janard, released this mockup of the Scarlet Camcorder in its current stage of evolution. More details about Scarlet can be found at

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  1. We have rented Scarlet’s big brother The Red One for several shoots and are eagerly awaiting the one we purchased. Our use with it so far has been nothing short of astounding. Shooting in resolutions up to 5k. So if this mini version is anything like that, which I assume it would be. I am giving it a big thumbs up.

    David Richter
    Richter Studios

  2. in theory scarlet is 3k but i doubt the picture quality of it could be better than the JVC HD110U,because you don’t have a lens 110U did,the picture quality of Nikon D40 will be better than any 10.0 megapixel snapshot camera and D40 is 6.1 megapixel,you can’t just look at the number,there are a lot of things matter,and scarlet look too consumer,can it operate like canon A1? i doubt it. while A1 got 20x zoom len and scarlet is 8x? the 4.8 LCD is too big for scarlet and for regular shooting,sometime you don’t want to get attention from people,scarlet itself is not ready to go,you have spend a lot of money for the accessories.