reprinted from a Grass Valley/Canopus press release:

February 13, 2008 With the latest release of software for its Thomson Grass Valley EDIUS Broadcast editing platform, Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS) now offers comprehensive support for all leading tapeless acquisition formats through simple and intuitive workflows.

Version 4.6 of the EDIUS Broadcast software includes powerful new functionality based on the JPEG 2000 codec used in the Thomson Grass Valley Infinity Digital Media Camcorder (DMC), allowing multi-layer editing of EFP-quality high definition content, even on a laptop computer. The workflow for Sonys XDCAM has also been enhanced to support their new EX range of camcorders. EDIUS Broadcast is the first NLE to take advantage of Sonys Simple Access Mode (SAM), whereby low-resolution video can be used in conjunction with high-resolution audio.


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EDIUS Broadcast pioneered tapeless workflows with its handling of Panasonics P2 format, and this latest revision is a logical progression for an NLE that has built its reputation on fast, effective, multi-format editing in SD, HD, DV25, and MPEG, with the freedom to mix video standards and formats on a single timeline, all in real-time.

Craft editing with a comprehensive toolset using material shot with todays tapeless acquisition formats is naturally a major requirement in production, said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Thomsons Broadcast & Professional Solutions business unit. The release of EDIUS Broadcast v4.6 provides an open, standards-based platform with seamless workflows whatever the acquisition format. And it provides unrivalled flexibility and editing power when using the high quality JPEG 2000 codec implemented in our Infinity Digital Media Camcorder.

The Infinity DMC offers a variety of codecs to suit a users workflow. For HD capture, it uses JPEG 2000, a wavelet compression standard that provides very high quality imaging. An inherent benefit of JPEG 2000 coding algorithms is that it provides multiple quality layers only one high resolution master file is needed to derive lower resolution versions. EDIUS Broadcast v4.6 takes advantage of JPEG 2000s bit layering which provides not only the full 100 Mb/s encoded stream, but can provide an intermediate level (30 Mb/s) or a high-quality browse level (6 Mb/s) so that todays laptops users can edit JPEG 2000 in the field. If a laptops CPU is not powerful enough to decode the full resolution stream, EDIUS automatically switches to lower resolutions for viewing and display of effects in real-time during editing. The full quality version is, of course, retained for the final output.

The Infinity DMC records onto IT industry-standard recording media including REV PRO removable disks and professional grade CompactFlash solid state memory cards. EDIUS Broadcast v4.6 editing software allows REV PRO disks and CompactFlash cards to be used as both media sources and destinations, as well as offering seamless ingest from both into the edit workstation (REV PRO is mounted as a hard drive and is capable of real-time data transfer ingest is optional). This allows the editor to quickly browse through all the content available and start work immediately.

The new release also delivers integration via MXF with the Thomson Grass Valley K2 Media Server platform to provide a seamless workflow across networked editing and production workstations. EDIUS can also output a GXF wrapped-streams format (SMPTE standard 360M) making its transfer and sharing transparent with Profile XP, K2, and other GXF compliant systems.

Pricing and availability
EDIUS Broadcast version 4.6 will be released in February 2008. The full version is priced at $999 (839 euros), although it will be a free-of-charge update for all current EDIUS Broadcast 4.x owners. Existing EDIUS Pro 4.x customers can upgrade to the Broadcast version for $409 (299 euros).

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