SmartSound and EMI give you original music from Ghostbusters, Ben-Hur and more

Today SmartSound has launched a set of new libraries featuring tracks from EMI's film and TV catalog. This is good, really good. Many of us at one time or another have probably ripped-off a track or two from a popular TV show or film for use in our home videos. Shame on you for stealing. I know the guilt has kept you up at night. But, now we can do this legally thanks to SmartSound and EMI. More importantly, though, you can use SmartSound's SonicFire Pro application (as well as some of their other SmartSound enabled applications) to time and arrange these popular scores to fit the needs of your video. Licensing is unlimited for home use only. Now you can really spice up the Halloween '07 family video with the Ghostbusters theme and sleep soundly knowing you've paid your dues to EMI. Home video enthusiasts can expect loads of good times with EMI TV Classics, EMI Wars & Westerns, EMI Epics & Thrillers and EMI Movie Classics. Each can be bought from SmartSound directly for $39.95 or you can get the whole lot for $99. Here's a list of highlighted scores: Glory How the West Was Won For a Few Dollars More North by Northwest Lawrence of Arabia The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Ben-Hur Ghostubusters On Her Majesty's Secret Service and more… Enjoy.

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