Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 simplifies video editing

Just when you thought Premiere Elements couldnt get any better, along comes the 4th version with many improvements and a sleek looking interface. This latest installment takes an already robust video editor and simplifies the interface allowing the editor to quickly and easily apply fun transitions and themes that are completely customizable. The dark gray background of the GUI allows for your video to really pop-out, which is a nice improvement thats also in the Premiere Pro application. This new version also adds a direct upload to YouTube feature and also supports Blu-ray technology. Adobe is still working on AVCHD support for this product and they hope to have that figured out soon. Another great feature were pleased to see developed in Premiere Elements 4 is the new media management features. Organizing and accessing you content is much easier with custom tags and star ratings for each video clip or still photo. Speaking of still photos, Photoshop Elements 6 is also made its debut. You can get both applications bundled together for $149.99 or separately for $99.99.

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