Want to make a few bucks editing? Studio Now Launches Business Services

From a Studio Now Press Release NASHVILLE, TN. July 16, 2007 StudioNow, the innovative online video editing company (www.StudioNow.com) which is building the worlds largest freelance editor network, today unveiled its new business services for companies looking for alternative ways to produce high-quality, low-cost videos for their customers. As fans demand more content from their favorite artists online, these new video services are gaining appeal in the music video markets. "As country musician Jedd Hughes rose in popularity, his fans were looking to get more insight into his life and performances," said Dustin Eichten, marketing manager of Capitol Records Nashville. "StudioNow and a variety of editors from its Editor Network helped us produce a series of great videos in a short period of time that encompass Jedd's journey. StudioNow's Business Service is a very affordable and efficient way for us to maximize video footage that already exists in a format that fans really appreciate." StudioNow is enabling both an economical and professional Web-based platform to create quality videos online for recording studios and music companies, including all four of the major labels: EMIs Capitol Records Nashville; Universal Music Groups Decca Record Company; Sony/BMGs Christian division, Provident Label Group; and Warner Bros. Raybaw Records. In addition, online music services, such as Sonicbids, independent labels, un-signed bands and music personalities, such as Cowboy Troy, recording artist and "Nashville Star co-host, are tapping into the benefits of the StudioNow Editor Network. "The music and entertainment industry is a natural fit for us, as we enable entertainers to connect with fans without having to go to expensive and elaborate lengths to create content," said David Mason, CEO and co-founder, StudioNow. "Our services are especially appealing to those companies who already have existing content ready to be brought to life by our Editor Network. With the insatiable appetite of consumers for more videos online, we see a lot of growth opportunities, not only in the entertainment industry, but for other businesses and markets as well. Whether it is a video that is posted to a company web site, or one for internal employee communications, the need for businesses to provide visually compelling content is in high demand. In addition to the entertainment industry, StudioNow is targeting multiple markets with its business services, such as non-profit/social change, real estate, travel/hospitality, schools/education, hospitals/medical, sports, city promotion and various other types of businesses. Founded in January 2007, StudioNow has created a new era of video production by directly connecting businesses with expert video/movie editors through the StudioNow Editor Network. This first-ever web-based community, which includes major-network TV and Hollywood feature-film professionals, enables customers to transform digital images, photos and videos into compelling content easily and affordably rather than investing time and money in complex video-editing solutions. Companies simply upload their video and photo images to StudioNow.com and within a few days, the project is ready for review and purchase via the Web site. The cost for video editing projects vary based on editing time, experience of editor and amount of material submitted. Monthly subscription services also are available. About StudioNow StudioNow is the first web-based, virtual community of freelance video/movie editors and directors available 24/7 to provide Hollywood filmmaking expertise and editing services to its users. The company transforms digital photos and videos into high-quality, enjoyable content in an efficient and affordable manner. The StudioNow vision is to make life more entertaining, creative and enriching by empowering individuals, artists and businesses. For more information, please go to www.StudioNow.com.

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