Azden officially announces the FMX-42 field mixer

Yes, indeed, Azden has officially announced the FMX-42 field mixer, which they have been teasing for awhile. They had a prototype at NAB this year, but weren't ready to make the announcement then. The field mixer is equipped with all the essentials: 4 balanced mic/line XLR inputs with pan and level, two balanced mic/line XLR outputs, master level control, a stereo mini jack output (for prosumer/consumer camcorders), headphone jack and level control, and those super-sexy analog VU meters that let you monitor the rise and fall of your audio like no other. The FMX-42 is powered by either 6 AA batteries or a 12-volt power supply. We're quite impressed with the stats and can't help but wonder if the FMX-42 will bring forth a Renaissance in design, quality and functionality for Azden products. The Azden FMX-42 field mixer is now shipping and goes for $750 (that's a lot of bang for your buck).