Webby Award Winners Get 5 Words, and Video !

Although the annual Webby Awards have gone on since 1999, only this year has video been included as its own category. The Webby Online Film and Video Awards now sit in with categories which highlight excellence in Website design, Interactive Advertising, and Mobile content. Acceptance speeches were allowed at the event last night in New York, but they had to be kept to five words or less. Here are some favorites: The Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment – Webby/People's Voice: 18,000,000 views. Still no dates. Terra: The Nature of our world: Video Podcast – Webby: Green is the new black. Best Actor- "Ninja" of Ask a Ninja – Special Achievement: Kent Nichols: Thanks Mom. Thanks Internet fans. Itsallinyourhands.com – People's Voice: Imagine us with a budget. Cool Hunting Video – Webby: Web is the new cinema. Hey, how many of these were discussed in past episodes of Videomaker Presents, anyway? If you're interested in reading (many) more short speeches, they can be read here.

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