VeZoom Announces High Speed Searching for Video

ANAHEIM, CAMAY 29, 2007 VeZoom is the newest, most powerful video search engine that combines the timeliness of a feed-based search with the precision of a crawl-based search and returns the most relevant and comprehensive results across the entire Web. VeZoom utilizes proprietary video search technology and an advanced algorithm that allows consumers to easily and efficiently sift through massive amounts of video content.


VeZoom incorporates several differentiators that are markedly different from its competitors. The engine performs highly targeted searches, scouring over 15 million hours of video worldwide, encompassing both professional and user-generated content. VeZooms power allows users to find the specific content they are looking for and provides unparalleled levels of video search accuracy that are unmatched by traditional search engines. On average, VeZoom will return roughly 4 times more content than any major existing video search engine.


In addition to enhancing video searches through VeZoom, the user will have the capacity to personalize online video channels via the myVeZoom site. This customizable option simplifies the process of gathering specific video channels of interest, from the latest celebrity gossip to the days sports scores and more. Users select the channels from a list of available category options, then personalize the layout of the page by dragging and dropping their favorites into position. myVeZoom continuously monitors for videos of relevance, providing an updated feed of new content for the user based on their favorite selected channels.


"There is an explosion of video online coming from all different mediums, but there is a problem in finding what you really want. With VeZoom, we have solved the problem of video search by providing an engine that is powered by the latest, most innovative technology to sort through extensive amounts of data to find the results that you really want, states Founder and CEO TJ Modi. "The power of VeZoom and myVeZoom is that it makes a one-stop video source to find, filter and personalize video channels and program it to your tastes. No other video search engine does that, states Director of Marketing Alan Sherin.


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