reprinted from a Digital Juice press release:


Digital Juice Takes A Swipe At VideoTransitions


Lake Mary, FL, April 2007 Cuts and dissolves are the basics that hold any video project together, but if you're looking for something really cool, check out Swipes! Digital Juice's latest weapon for any video editor looking to beef up his or her production arsenal. Swipes! are "sound-wipes full-screen, animated wipes with cool custom sound effects. Created exclusively by our in-house team of animators and audio engineers, Swipes! are designed to give your productions pop without breaking the bank! Each volume has 30 original animated transitions in both standard and high definition formats that will power your projects for years to come! Add in the 60 optional coordinated sound effects, from a subtle wink to a slap in the face… the choice is yours! You can use them or you can lose them.


Select any or all of the 10 thematic volumes currently available from Digital Juice to take your productions to a better place! Liquid light effects, clean, colorful shapes, or even fiery flashes… no matter what your need there's a Swipes! animation to fill the bill! As with all our products, be sure to download the free Juicer 3 browsing and processing software to help make navigating your options quicker and easier than ever before! Just load your favorite element into the Juicer with or without one of the 2 custom created and coordinated sound effects layered in with every animation in the library. Before you know it, you'll have everything you need to get your production from here to there with a little flair!


Pick any volume in the library and take it home for just $99! That's it! Plenty of options for your productions that you can use whenever, however… forever. Just logon to our website or call our friendly sales team at 800.525.2203. It's just that easy.


For a better look, head to and check out Swipes! in the product gallery. See them in action by clicking on the promo video or take control and preview the complete collection. So get online and add life to your transitions with Swipes! Another amazing advance from Digital Juice… everything you need to build better video!

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