RED Digital Cinema, Inc. and Birger Engineering, Inc. announced today an agreement to develop and market a remotely controllable Canon EOS lens mount for the RED ONE Digital Cinema camera. Stuart English, Workflow Wizard at Red Digital Cinema, commented, "This agreement allows RED customers to exploit the very large installed base of Canon EOS mount stills photography lenses, which provide excellent image quality at very affordable prices. The combination of high image quality plus remote focus and iris control from REDs SuperGrip or other remote controllers, means the entry price point for 4K resolution digital imaging is dramatically lowered, opening up significant new applications. Erik Widding, President of Birger Engineering, noted, "Were delighted through this agreement to be able to support the many requests weve received from RED customers for an intelligent mount for Canons EOS series lenses. Working closely with the RED team, we have been able to move very quickly from product concept to working prototype units The prototype of the EOS mount for RED ONE will be displayed at the NAB Show, Las Vegas, April 16 19. Product pricing and delivery will be announced shortly.