On set at Videomaker’s workshop

We're hosting another Basics of Video Production Workshop here in our home town. There is a bit of mystery and danger in this workshop's production. This shot, using a handheld shooting technique, will certainly help build the suspense in their story. It takes good planning and some hard work to put together a short video using the techniques covered in the previous day's lectures. In the end, the trials and errors while working on a full production (planning, shooting, editing) proves to be the most educational. Here's another shot of the team preparing for a special in-camera effect. [image:blog_post:14166] We of course would like to thank our sponsors this year: Sony and Adobe. Sony has provided us with several HDR-FX7 HDV camcorders. Once again this weekend we realized just how well these camcorders can hold detail in the highlights. We shot in some high-contrast wooded areas in broad daylight and didn't have to compromise the exposure as much as we had expected. And, Adobe has provided us with their Production Suite software to edit this story in such little time, which speaks to it's stability and functionality. We're looking forward to seeing the final video. Six more hours in post-production and it should be ready for it's premiere at the office. The rest of you will have to wait a bit longer before it's updated to our YouTube Channel. Go there if you want to see more Workshop created videos– we have fun making them and hopefully you'll enjoy watching them. Last but not least, here's a pic of the video being pieced together in our studio. Editing is so much fun… [image:blog_post:14167]

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