We just uploaded our 51st show, which is our our one-year Anniversary show! This was a special show and we invited several past and current hosts to come on and talk about Videomaker Presents humble beginnings. We also unveiled our Grand Prize Winner of the Videomaker/Sony 2006 Short Video Contest, Jeff Petersen of Granger, Indiana, with his funny family video called Overkill. Granger won a Sony FX1 HDV camcorder. Watch our next few months consecutive vidcasts to see announcements of other winners from our contest, and read all about it in next months issue of Videomaker magazine. We also let our "oops!" show by airing a blooper-highlights reel that's pretty funny… or at least pretty fun to watch! This reel is "Bloopers Take 1", maybe next year's anniversary we'll bring you "Videomaker Presents Bloopers Take 2". We will try to post the web sites we mention on each weeks show to our blog every Tuesday, so check that out at videomaker.com/blogs. Watch the show, Videomaker Presents at videomaker.com/vidcast or find it on any of your favorite RSS feeds. Tell us what you think of our show. Its for you and about you, our Videomaker community. Please send us your comments at editor@videomaker.com and write "Videomaker Vidcast in the subject line.

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.