Sorry I didn't get this posted sooner… it's a "Workshop Weekend" here at Videomaker, and everyone is doing double duty! [If you haven't been to one, check out the info for the upcoming 2007 calendar year, they're loads of fun, and we're always changing, updating, and improving our program.] So Episode #50 was posted to the web last week, and, as promised, here are the URLs that we mentioned in that show: Video Bits & Bytes Industry News: JVC announces 40 GB Everio camcorders are being released in Japan Video Sharing News: Livevideo, a youtube-like site that has a good amount of "channels" with entertaining produced Internet TV shows. Check out Soup of the Day. Derek also spent a day in San Francisco visiting Meet-Up 2.0. Our Tips & Tricks segment has Jennifer and John showing you realistic ways to shoot a faked fall… and some of the props and skills you'll need to pull it off. In this week's Take 20, Mark and Charlie look at Rec Talkin' by Todd Hanson, Orlando, FL. In our Hands On segment, Charlie demos "Sonic DVDit Pro HD" by Roxio.

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.