"Videomaker Presents Episode #49 is online! Check out the latest show: in "Video Bits & Bytes", Mark has some Video Industry News for editing storage. Seagate announces the World's fastest drives that run at 15-thousand rpms, which is good news for video editors. In Derek's video sharing news, he tells us about Stockstock, joost [juiced], HDfest and Grindhouse. Stockstock is a film fest using stock footage and remixing, joost is a new venture from the same team that brought us skype. HDfest is a traveling HD video festival that will be in NYC the same weekend that Videomaker is having its New York Summit. The Grindhouse trailer contest at hdforindies.com gives video producers the chance to make a trailer for the upcoming Tarantino-Rodriguez film coming out this summer. Our "Tips & Tricks segment has tips from John and Jennifer on TIME CONTROL: using timelapse, shadows, and other tricks to artistically denote the passing of time. In this weeks "Take 20 , Charlie and Mark show us The Painter by Don Langley of Bowling Green, KY In our "Hands On segment Mark looks at -Magic Bullet Colorista by Red Giant Software. We will try to always post the web sites we mention on each weeks show to our blog every Tuesday, so check out our website at videomaker.com. Please e-mail us: editor@Videomaker.com with your thoughts on our new design. We love to hear from you. This weeks URLs: www.seagate.com stockstock.org joost.com hdfest.com hdforindies.com www.redgiantsoftware.com

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.