Everyone on the Videomaker Editorial Staff, and Derek from Production, are either in Las Vegas enjoying CES, or MacWorld in San Francisco, ogling, salivating, and otherwise making geeky tech-fools of themselves this week except me. Im the lone wolf, holding down the fort, proofing the next Videomaker issue to hit the streets soon. Even former VM staffer and Videomaker Presents alum, Andrew Burke, is soaking up the arrays in The City. Andrew says: Lots of video editing going on in the press room… hope the VM crew is packin some heat, er, some video 🙂 Lots of video companies too. There's a really cool video camera here, called "Supacam". Find it at Supacam.com It shoots NTSC and Pal, 720×480 30fps, headphone jack, records to Flash memory, 12 megapixel still camera, and sells for around $300. Really easy and lightweight. Got some good photos of it. Mark and John will be filing reports form CES soon, and jet-setter Charlie is taking a quick run through the Strip in Vegas before he hops another plane for San Francisco, (notice I didnt say "Frisco true Californians never use that word!) Stay tuned for more from the Crew… Meanwhile, my break is over and its time to get back to proofing! (or not, I think our latest Vidcast just hit the Web!) Jennifer

Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.