A recent technology announcement reports Sony and SanDisk are developing a faster, more roomier Memory Stick to help keep high definition video flowing smoothly across devices. The new Memory Stick Pro-HG will be capable of storing 32 GB of memory and will write at 8-bit parallel transfer with a minimum speed of 120 Mbps. At these speeds an AVCHD camcorder or HDV camcorder should have ample bandwith to capture video streams straight to the card. Assuming that Sony and SanDisk don't dumb down the specs when it's time to release an actual Memory Stick Pro-HG product, we could all be enjoying a "consumer P2" experience in future camcorders. In the heat of recent format war surveys populating all over the blogosphere, we can't help but comment on this technology possibly contributing to the success of Blu-ray. Although, for this to be a legitimate contributing factor, we have to consider the timing of a hypothetical product to be more critical than anything else. Nonetheless, if you looking for excuses on your stance or trying to keep score on the format war, prepare to chalk up another point for Blu-ray, as Sony is the clear leader in consumer camcorder sales. We don't want you to read too far into this technology announcement in terms of format wars (or products that don't exist yet), as we believe it's going to take more than a Memory Stick to beat down a competitor. But, we're are very excited about what the future might bring to consumer shooters.

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