Panasonic releases multi-format, live switcher

The AV-HS300G will mix together a variety of formats, including 1080/60 progressive and interlaced frames, 720/60p and standard definition video. Equipped with 5 HD/SD SDI inputs and a single DVI/RGB, the AV-HS300G is among one of the less expensive HD/SD switchers on the market at $7,990 MSRP. For those of you who have been cheering over the inclusion of HD SDI output on prosumer level camcorders, but a little baffled as to when you might actually put this to use, things are starting to look a little better. Pansonic is hoping to capture the attention of production teams working in sports, chuch productions, training facilities, cable shows and any other live event. The switcher also includes a tally output, RS-422 control, a 10-bit, 6 channel frame sync and nine wipe patterns.

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