reprinted from a MacroSystem press release: MacroSystem Digital Video Releases the Casablanca Liberty HDV editing solution! The most powerful and easy-to-use stand-alone platform releases a portable HDV editor! MacroSystem Digital Video, the inventor of stand-alone video editors, partners with Toshiba to announce a tablet PC HDV editing solution: the Casablanca Liberty. The Casablanca Liberty harnesses the powerful simplicity of the Casablanca line, while providing video professionals with the convenience of a portable editing suite. Although two models will be sold, the top model is outfitted with a 120 GB hard drive, a 2.33 GHz Intel Core Duo Processor, 1024 MB of DDR2-RAM and an 8X dual-layer DVD burner, the Casablanca Liberty is built for the true HDV producer! For professionals needing to edit HDV or SD footage on the job site or while traveling, schools requiring mobility in order to shuttle production equipment between classrooms and numerous other applications, the Casablanca Liberty is the answer! As the first MacroSystem product of its kind, the Casablanca Liberty sports a sleek swivel, touch-screen monitor, making it truly a complete all-in-one HDV production solution. With this touch-sensitive screen you can swivel it around to display your work or you can flip it around and down so that you can use the accompanying stylus to edit right on your lap! Business owners, schools and other institutions interested in augmenting productions or office efficiency with PC applications will be pleased to know that the Casablanca Liberty will run Windows XP Tablet Edition upon boot-up, which features finger print recognition for security and handwriting recognition for identifying and digitizing handwritten lines of text. As with all Casablanca editors, Macrosystem provides free training at Casablanca University in Boulder, CO. For those users who cant make it to the University, trained dealers, as well as our in-house technical support team, are available for support. Toshiba provides a full three year worldwide warranty on its hardware. This product is slated for North American release in the first quarter of 2007 upon delivery of the Casablanca Smart Edit 6 operating system.