When JVC released the GY-HD100U HDV camcorder, we were one of the first to get a look at the camcorder. We were very pleased with the its professional quality. Now, JVC has made several notable improvements and released the GY-HD200U. This new camcorder will capture 720/60P which is great for fast motion (e.g., sports) and will also allow you to over-crank for 24P projects for smoother slow motion shots. Another great new feature for those aspiring filmmakers and independent producers is JVC's new HZ-CA13U lens adapter which will adapt 16mm PL mount lenses to the 1/3" bayonet. And, the GY-HD200U can be set-up to automatically flip the image vertically so what you see is what you get with this adapter. Nice touch, JVC, we see who you're aligning yourself with. The GY-HD200 with Fujinon 16x lens goes for $8,995 (MSRP) and will be available in November. The HZ-CA13U runs $4,395 (MSRP) and will be available in December.

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