JVC announces new GY-HD200U HD camcorder


Los Angeles, CA (November 15, 2006) JVC Professional Products Company introduces of the GY-HD200U high definition camcorder to its expanding ProHD family product line. Featuring HDV 720/60P true progressive image acquisition, new 14bit A/D converter and standard 14.4v power system, this camera has been eagerly anticipated by independent filmmakers, stringers and sports videographers. The GY-HD200 carries the "Compact-Shoulder form factor popularized by the GY-HD100U, and is capable of 60P recording providing 60 full frames of information per second due to the implementation of JVCs new "Super Encoder developed for the latest line of ProHD products. 60P acquisition is ideal for viewing and analyzing motion, as well as for delivering an "overcranked recording for superb slow motion when the final output is 24P. The GY-HD200U utilizes all of the accessories currently available for the GY-HD110U, including the new 1/3 mount HD lenses. To further enhance the ability to utilize multiple types of lenses, JVC has also created an exclusive optional lens adapter HZ-CA13U specifically designed for the 1/3 bayonet mount of JVC ProHD camcorders which enables the use of 16mm film prime lenses with a PL (Positive Lock) mount to address the needs of the cinematography community. The GY-HD200 is also capable of correcting the inverted image from a prime lens so there is no requirement for a mechanical or editing functionality to record the image in the proper proportion. "The concept behind our camera design is to emphasize the flexibility of interchangeable lenses, whether it is for ENG or for cinematography, said Craig Yanagi, National Marketing Manager, Creation Products, JVC Professional Products Company. "By utilizing the exclusive HZ-CA13U lens adapter, facilities with a large stock of 16mm film lensesparticularly film schools and film camera rental houseswill especially benefit from this revolutionary capability, and filmmakers universally will benefit from the wide variety of 16mm lenses available today. Additionally, the GY-HD200U now has enhanced Gamma capability further empowering the photographer to enhance the captured image. The camcorder also records in both SD – including 24P and 24PA – and HD native progressive 24P images, and has JVCs patented focus assist function that enables the user to precisely focus on each scene by highlighting details in the viewfinder to facilitate HD focusing. The camera also features two XLR connectors for each audio channel and records CD quality audio at 384Kbps in the MPEG1 Layer 2 format with the audio level indicators visible on the viewfinder and on the flip-out LCD display. The suggested list price for the GY-HD200U camcorder equipped with a Fujinon 16x lens is $8,995. The camcorder is also available without a lens as the GY-HD200CHU with a suggested list price of $7,995. Delivery of both camcorders is late November. The suggested list price of the HZ-CA13U is $4,395 and delivery is expected to begin in December 2006. For more information on the GY-HD200, please visit JVCs Web site at http://pro.jvc.com.

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