Gadgets, gizmos and Videomaker Holiday Preparedness


Ok its almost Halloween, but visions of new gear may already be dancing in your head. Once Halloween hits us, the so-called "Holiday Season comes popping upon us like corn growing in fast motion. (And if youve ever watched corn grow, it can "pop up to a foot a day!) So, if you’ve been pining away for that special piece of gear, it might be time to start planning your hint-dropping strategy now.

According to a report recently released from the Consumer Electronics Association, holiday gifts that buzz, zoom, play, record, and otherwise need a plug or battery to operate are on the rise. The report states that this years expected consumer electronic purchases will account for about $21-billion, compared to last years (only) $17-billion. That’s a lot of gadgets, and top on the wish list for the second year running are MP3 players. How does that affect us as video producers? Some MP3 players will now playback video, and hey everyone will want to view YOUR special videos on that new portable device, so you need to start thinking about the small screen the very small screen. See "Video 2 Go on shooting tips for the small screen in Videomaker‘s March 2006 issue. Whats that you say? you’re thinking BIGGER toys? The CEA says a quarter of all holiday gifts this year will be of the electronic type, and the rest of the Top Ten Consumer Wish list includes: all types of DVD players/recorders digital cameras laptops and PCs televisions video game systems cellular phones camcorders and HDTV – anything. The CEA survey also said consumers will be shopping with a "one for them, one for ME mindset: buying one electronic gift for loved ones, and "rewarding themselves with electronic gifts of their own choosing. Now that’s my kind of gifting! For video producers, here’s a "Videomaker List to Hint By that you might think about for your own gotta-have-it list: check out these links and "blinks (Blog Links) we discovered around the Internet: [-1-] Extra Camcorder Batteries. You know those LONG lasting ones, not the short-timed battery that came with your camcorder. [-2-] A "Grip to Go bag, already stashed with the stuff you need. See "Videomaker Presents Tips & Techniques segment, Episode 26 for ideas. [-3-] Vividly colored fashion earphones by [-4-] Falcons Dust-Off Digital Camera Care Kit $13.99 [-5-] The Pod, – $18 – $21. A hockey-puck like camera platform that can be taken anywhere and set up on any surface from Bogen imaging. [-6-] Blank DVDs and Videotape. From Memorexs Pro Gold Media to TDKs LightScribe and Print-on discs, you can never have enough blank media at your fingertips. [-7-] And of course, any electronic gizmo might come with the caveat "batteries not included, so dont forget to toss some of those on your wish list too. Panasonic Oxyride fusion Extreme Power Batteries promise to last longer than your standard disposable bats. Stay tuned for more Vid Gear gift giving and receiving ideas from Videomaker.

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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