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Panasonic has announced the availability of the AG-DVC20, a new shoulder-mount 3-CCD MiniDV camcorder. Equipped with advanced 3-CCD imagers and one-touch controls for ease of use, the AG-DVC20 offers high performance and great value for educators and entry-level shooters, ranging from event and wedding videographers to student and sports videographers.

The 4.4-pound AG-DVC20 is equipped with three 460,000-pixel CCDs, an optical 10X optical zoom and 500X digital zoom, and a Digital Electronic Image Stabilizer to compensate for jitter and vibration. The AG-DVC20’s convenient shoulder-mount design and easy-to-use controls offer video professionals superb stability and quick, simple operation. From initiating the record mode or VCR playback to adjusting backlight compensation, fade in/out or microphone levels, the camera’s new One-Touch Navigation puts all basic controls within easy reach.

Newly developed features include a Power LCD mode, which brightens the backlight of the LCD monitor when in sunny areas, and Color Night View mode, which permits viewing at minimum illumination of 0 lux in low light environments. Its Zero Lux Night View mode turns the LCD into a light source when turned towards the subject (within three feet). Advanced features include an 8-bit digital recording system and 16-bit digital audio system (16-bit/48-kHz, 2-channel recording); an IEEE 1394 DV interface (In/Out) for transferring footage into Macintosh or Windows computers for nonlinear editing; Cinema (Letter box), tele-macro, and soft skin shooting modes; five program AE settings that optimize shutter speed and iris for sports, portrait, spotlight, surf and snow, and low-light shooting; 14 shutter speeds (from 1/60 to 1/8,000 sec.); digital gain selection (0 to +18dB); 2.5-inch color LCD monitor with a six-language menu; a color electronic viewfinder; composite video, S-video and audio outs, mic in; auto/manual focus and iris; White Balance and White Balance Selection (indoor, outdoor, set) as well as Auto Tracking White Balance.

Even more energy-efficient than the one-chip AG-DVC7, the AG-DVC20 has a record time of 83 minutes and comes standard with an AC adaptor, two 1350 mAH battery packs and a wireless remote control.

The AG-DVC20 is available at a suggested list price of $1,595. The AG-DVC20 joins Panasonic’s current line-up of DV PROLINE Mini-DV camcorders that includes the hand-held AG-DVX100B 24p/30p/60i camcorder, hand-held AG-DVC30 3-CCD camcorder; the shoulder-mount AG-DVC60 3-CCD camcorder; and the shoulder-mount AG-DVC7 1-CCD camcorder.

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