YouTube Launches New Options

from a YouTube press release

To help people share their talent, imaginations and experiences with the world, YouTube users can now become their own Channels. Rather than following the traditional TV model where executives and companies are telling viewers what to watch, YouTube is now empowering its community to take control and be masters of their own entertainment domain.

Video content creators, be it user generated or professional content, are becoming the online broadcasters, record labels and movie studios of tomorrow. Channels give them the ability to control and share entertainment a privilege long enjoyed only by traditional media. People can decide what is entertaining for them and what their audience wants from skydiving to political content and put it on their Channel for all to see.

Channels can be customized too. Filmmakers, comedians and musicians among others, are looking for ways to showcase their personalities and brands though their Channel. Each Channel is its own brand and YouTube wants to help people promote their creativity and original content.

People can now view all of their subscriptions from one page that will allow them to watch what they want, when they want, and receive new videos from their subscriptions to keep up-to-date with their favorite channels.

YouTube also launched new options for bloggers. People can now post videos directly to their blog by simply clicking Blog Video. YouTube currently supports Blogger, BlogSpot and LiveJournal with more blog platforms on the way.

YouTubes Most Subscribed feature under the Channel tab has empowered users and given them a stage for their creations. The added visibility has increased viewerships for the most subscribed. In turn, they are creating content faster to engage with their audience and reach new fans.

The most popular videos shared and embedded across the Internet are found under the Video tab for Most Linked. This feature allows some of the most popular viral videos that have spread across the Web to be highlighted and navigated in a new way.

YouTube now has a Video Response feature that allows users to communicate with each other through video and upload their own video reply rather than using a static text comment. There is a post a video response link on the video watch page. All video responses will show up directly beneath the original video (just like text comments).

We recently noticed that within many of the different ecosystems on YouTube our users are doing something really cool – they’re communicating with each other through their videos. Text comments and messages are great, but our users have once again created something really innovative completely on their own – video responses. It’s been amazing to watch our users create an entirely new mechanism for communicating with one another.

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