Videomaker Presents Vidcast Variety Show

Ok not really a Variety Show, but a showing nonetheless of reader and viewer submitted videos for critique by the Videomaker Editorial Staff on our vidcast, “Videomaker Presents“.

From lighting to shooting, editing, producing and acting, all of us on the VM Ed. Dept. staff have had extensive experience in one or more areas of video production, and through our experience, we are giving you one of those rare chances to get a review that you can use.

Showing your video to family and friends might get you raves and acclaim, but how honest and valuable is that response? We’ll be critiquing 20 points of video production that can help your video go beyond the ordinary point-and-shoot home videos to something worthy of showing to the world.
Beginning with Videomaker Presents Episode 15, the Videomaker editors will review submitted videos for critique on the following subjects in our “Take 20 segment:


  • Overall lighting control
  • Effective use of natural/artificial light
  • Consistent style or look


  • Pacing matches theme
  • Appropriate use of transitions
  • Edited material critical to story


  • Lack of distractions (consistent volume, no extraneous sounds, etc)
  • Music and SFX support theme
  • Equalization and FX enhance natural soundscape


  • Effective use of symbols
  • Elements support central theme (good locations, actors, props, etc)
  • Characters are believable

Camera work

  • Composition/angles support theme
  • Correct, or thematic exposure control
  • Steady or motivated camera motion


  • Effects support theme
  • Technical difficulty
  • Technical execution


  • Overall feel of production
  • Use of as example for this theme

There is no deadline for getting your video to us. However, we will provide critiques on a first come, first served basis. How do you get you video to us? The best way currently is for you to simply send us a DVD to:

Videomaker Presents – Take 20

P.O. Box 4591

Chico, CA 95927 [image:blog_post:14197]

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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