soundBlade released by Sonic Studio

from Sonic Studio press release

Paris, France – May 20, 2006 – The 120th Audio Engineering Society Convention was the venue chosen for the debut of Sonic

Studio’s latest PCM application, soundBlade. This marks the version 1.0 release of their long awaited product for

discriminating audio professionals.

soundBlade is a PCM audio application for Mac OS that includes comprehensive cross-platform compatible recording plus

optional hardware acceleration. It incorporates plug-in support, including AU and VST formats, as well as Sonic Studio’s own

DSP processing. The application provides complete production for stereo delivery and, as with all of Sonic Studio’s

creations, preserves the highest fidelity possible.

Featuring a workflow honed from almost 20 years of serving the top echelon of digital audio producers, soundBlade includes

all of the premastering features customers have come to expect from Sonic Studio. For serious editorial, soundBlade features

Sonic Studio’s unique 4 point editing model, Moreover, their much admired Edit Fade Mode in combination with their Smart Fade

Tool, makes quick work of any editing or assembly job.

Built on the stable, secure and easy to administer Macintosh operating system, soundBlade is the first application to make

use of Sonic Studios new eight channel, extended precision, Series 300 line of FireWire-attached DSP I/O processors. Not

locking customers into specific hardware, soundBlade also works with any Core Audio- compliant I/O, letting engineers choose

their clock source and "color" of interface for the best operational fit and value.

"Our long-standing customer base, some 3500 strong, determined what the product should be," said Jayson Tomlin,

Vice President, of Sales & Business Development. "They’ve been asking for the functionality and fidelity of our legacy

product," he continued, "on a modern platform and at a reasonable price, and we built it."

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