Time for a Camcorder Trade in?

Got the Old Camcorder Blues? Wanna Trade up?
If looking through Videomakers monthly Buyers Guides has you wanting to upgrade your equipment every time you get a new issue in the mail, heres your chance to save a few bucks with a trade-in for camcorders, at least.

Sony has a limited offer going on beginning April 4th, allowing you to trade in your old camcorder for a new one, with the help of Dealtree. If youve never heard of them, Dealtree does all sorts of trade-in programs from old obsolete equipment to e-waste, and is working on this program with Sony for a limited time.

Theres an on-line calculator, telling you the value of your camcorder and what, if any, amount you can get for your trade-in, and then Dealtree sends you an e-coupon good for that amount on a camcorder from Sonys site.wwwsonystyle.com/tradeup You then print a pre-paid shipping label and send your camcorder to Dealtree, who gets the rest of the transaction started.

There are a couple catches, however, so check out the details before visions of camcorder upgrades dance in your head. This offer is only good from April 4th through May 15th, all e-coupons expire by June 30, and it doesn’t have to be a Sony camcorder, but inot all camcorders have value to them for trade-in. (Sorry, Charlie, that old S-VHS camcorder just cant pass muster!)

Just like used-car trade-ins, camcorders are graded as Excellent, Good or Poor, so check out your dream cam, read the rules and caveats, and get ready to go shopping!

Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O'Rourke
Jennifer O’Rourke is an Emmy award-winning videographer & editor.

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