Reprinted from a Noise Industries press release:

FxFactory will ship with a comprehensive collection of real-time plug-ins designed for quality and performance, taking advantage of modern GPU-based acceleration and graphics technologies only available on Mac OS X. The 100+ effects included are dynamically expandable.

FxFactory Expandability
FxFactory includes revolutionary effect management and authoring capabilities. Competitive offerings in the integrated effects industry limit users to a fixed set of plug-ins. FxFactory sets a new standard by letting end users create brand new effects in minutes, requiring no programming experience or coding. More plug-ins will also be available at the Noise Industries Effect Market, an online marketplace where visual effect artists can share and distribute plug-ins created with FxFactory.

“After revolutionizing the visual effects capabilities of Avid’s NLEs, we are thrilled to announce new products for Final Cut Studio, at a point where its user base is gaining creative momentum,” said Noise Industries Head of Business Development Niclas Bahn.

FxFactory Features

  • Tight integration with Mac OS X graphics technologies such as Core Image, and Quartz Composer.
  • Modern rendering engine based on OpenGL.
  • Create new effects based on Quartz Compositions.
  • Infinitely expandable architecture allows user to share, download and buy new visual effect plug-ins at the Effect Market.
  • FxFactory will be available by Summer 2006. Pricing TBA.

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