Reprinted from a Streamload press release

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January. 16, 2006 – Streamload, a leading provider of online digital media services, today announced worldwide availability of Streamload MediaMax, the worlds largest online media center. Streamload MediaMax offers a suite of services that allow users to centrally store, organize, access, and share their personal media collections online. As of today, subscribers can now get the standard Streamload MediaMax account with 25 GB of online storage and access to five integrated media-sharing and locker services free. Users may upgrade to industry leading 250 GB of online storage space for $9.95 per month.

Among its new offerings, Streamload MediaMax features VideoShare, the first full-quality video sharing service of its kind. It enables users to create video albums, preview their videos via automatically created thumbnails, and share full-quality video files (including high-definition video) as easily as they send email. For the first time, people have the freedom and tools to share their home videos and photos in full-quality original formats and also securely access their music, TV shows and movie recordings remotely via an Internet-connected TV, PC, or Personal Media Center device.

"Many camcorder users are frustrated when it comes to sharing videos due to capacity and file-size limitations and steep learning curves," said Steve Iverson, president and CEO of Streamload. ";We have removed capacity limits and created a service that is so easy to use that anyone can better enjoy and manage their entire digital media collection in one central, secure, and always accessible place. Our free service, powered by our proprietary file storage technology, is more compelling than any paid-subscription service available today."

Streamload MediaMax runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The standard service is free and comes with 25 GB of online storage. The premium service gives subscribers full-featured access with 250 GB of storage for $9.95 per month (when paid annually.) Streamload MediaMax subscriptions and more information can be found at

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