Cooke Optics enters consumer market

reprinted from a Cooke Optics press release

Las Vegas, NV (CES/January 5, 2006) – Cooke Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer of optics and

lenses for the motion picture industry, has announced the formation of an exploratory business unit to

investigate partnership opportunities with leading consumer electronics companies, for the purpose of

supplying Cooke-branded precision optics for consumer-level digital video camcorders. The announcement

was made at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Cooke lenses are used by Hollywood’s most successful and respected directors of photography and

cinematographers to shoot many of the most acclaimed and profitable motion pictures seen on the big

screen every year, including recent releases Jarhead, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and The

Wedding Crashers. The decision to commercialize the renowned Cooke lens technology for consumer-level

digital camcorders is a natural extension for the brand that should add significant value, prestige

and consumer demand to the products on which they are utilized.

"This is an extraordinary opportunity to integrate the collective strengths of world leaders

in their respective fields, to create an exciting and profitable product offering," notes Les

Zellan, Chairman of Cooke Optics. "Studies tell us that today’s consumers are highly attuned to

quality; they recognize and reward companies that they perceive as providing a superior-quality

product, and are willing to pay premium to attain it. We believe that when consumers look ‘down the

barrel’ of a digital camcorder at the retail counter, and see the Cooke name on the lens of a

camcorder from a known CE manufacturer, it will become a significant tipping point in their buying


Zellan notes that some CE companies have already seen the benefit of partnering with a premium lens

supplier for both digital still and digital video cameras, and have realized significant benefits from

the association. Zellan sees this as a growing industry trend, and predicts a greater "separation

" in the minds of consumers who will make choices based on their brand and quality


" Moreover," continues Zellan, "The revolution in consumer display technology – as

evidenced by plasma screens, LCD monitors and HD and ED televisions – creates a need for higher

quality content. While this need is being met by the entertainment companies who have moved rapidly to

digital and HD broadcast, it has been somewhat neglected in consumer-generated content. Every picture

originates through a lens. It only stands to reason that the better the lens, the better the final

product. We are confident that this fact will not be lost on consumers at the retail point of


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