Miglia Technology sings a new tune with Windows

reprinted from a Miglia press release

–London, UK, 21 October 2005 Miglia Technology, a leading manufacturer of video, audio and storage products for Mac and Windows, today announced HarmonyAudio for Windows. Featuring a FireWire interface for maximum bandwidth, HarmonyAudio lets you record your real instrument or take audio from any analogue audio source straight into GarageBand, LogicAudio, LogicExpress, and any other Core Audio application. Existing customers can also download the Windows driver from Miglias website.

Simon Ellson, CEO Miglia Technology, commented: "HarmonyAudio is a great solution for anyone in a band, or a home user who wants to turn his PC into an audio recording studio. Miglia is also the first manufacturer to ship an audio capture unit powered by Oxford Semiconductor, widely acknowledge as the leader in FireWire technology. The success of HarmonyAudio in the Macintosh World led us to look harder at the wider market, this driver update for Windows is the result ".

Fully plug-and-play, HarmonyAudio requires no software driver installation on the Mac and works straight out of the box with your guitar, bass, keyboard and microphone!

The two analogue line-ins and eight analogue line-outs let you play your instrument straight through HarmonyAudio and out of your SRS 2.1 up to 7.1 system.

Best of all, HarmonyAudio includes Miglias exclusive SoftClip technology, which prevents digital clipping and retains the authenticity of the analogue audio stream.

Key features:

2 line level inputs, 8 line level outputs FireWire Audio Interface with 24 bits/96 kHz conversion rate – Connect your instrument or microphone and get jamming! You can even setup a 7.1 system thanks to the 8 line level outputs.

Full Core Audio support – HarmonyAudio is fully Core Audio compatible, ensuring trouble free operation with compliant applications like GarageBand, Logic Express, Logic Audio and many more.

FireWire bus powered – As the FireWire bus provides all the power required, no external power is required (6 pin only) – An ideal feature for mobile recording!

Robust Aluminium case – Designed to last, HarmonyAudios case is made of Aluminium (AI) and anodised in cool silver.

Oxford 970 powered – Designed to beat the rest, HarmonyAudio uses the very latest technology from Oxford Semiconductors, acknowledged as the leader in FireWire interface technology.

For product images and artwork please visit: http://www.miglia.com/media/artwork

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