Alienware releases powerhouse laptop

reprinted from an Alienware press release

–MIAMI, FL – NOVEMBER 16th, 2005 – Alienware — the leading manufacturer of high-performance desktop, notebook, server and professional systems — introduces the new MJ-12 m7700a, the AMD-complement to Alienware’s top-selling mobile workstation line for the commercial segment. Targeted to the corporate, government, or education customer and the creative professional, the MJ-12 m7700a is an ideal alternative for anyone looking to replace their desktop workstation without sacrificing performance. The MJ-12 m7700a comes loaded with desktop equivalent processing and graphics capabilities as well as dual hard drives and optical drives.

The MJ-12 m7700a is available with cutting-edge AMD dual-core Opteron processors. With this chipset option, the MJ-12 m7700a is equipped to deliver maximum performance, reliability and stability for even the most demanding digital content and memory-intensive applications.

The MJ-12 m7700a also features the latest graphics technology from NVIDIA, such as the Quadro FX Go 1400 card, as well as a 17″ wide-screen LCD with ClearView technology that provides a crisp, vibrant display and plenty of workspace for any application. In addition, the MJ-12 m7700a supplies tremendous storage and backup flexibility with support for dual hard drives in RAID 0 or 1 configurations and options for CD-RW/DVD and DVD R/W optical drives.

" Alienware is proud to continue offering breakthrough innovations ahead of all other system manufacturers by delivering the MJ-12 m7700a, the industry’s first AMD Opteron processor and NVIDIA Quadro graphics based mobile platform, " said Frank Azor, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Alienware’s Worldwide Product Group. " Our steadfast commitment to providing high-performance systems coupled with award-winning service, support and style provide the ideal solution for Alienware corporate customers."

" AMD and Alienware have an impressive history of working together to provide customers with award-winning desktop workstations based on open industry platforms with true best-of-breed components," said Chris Cloran, Director of AMD’s Mobile Division, Microprocessor Solutions Sector. " The MJ-12 m7700a will give creative professionals and commercial users the flexibility to take extreme PC workstation performance and simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit computing anywhere they need to go thanks to the unparalleled AMD dual-core Opteron processor."

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