Wohler Announces 15 new HD products at IBC 2005

Reprinted from a Wohler Technologies press release:

Wohler Technologies Provides Versatility and Convenience in the HD Transition with 15 New HD Monitoring Products.

Wohler provides versatility and convenience for broadcast companies in transition to HD with 15 new HD products at IBC 2005. Wohler’s already extensive range of products now includes a fast growing HD range of audio and video products.

The expansion and transition to HD has Wohler Technologies pursuing the most promising opportunities while maintaining focus as the World leader in In-Rack Audio and Video Monitoring. The impact of HD is an expansion of the entire range of audio and video monitoring and conversion products. From the most sophisticated audio monitoring unit, the AMP2-E8MDA to the VAMP2-S8MDA, Level meters to confidence monitors, alarms to test signal generators, Wohler provides many HD monitoring solutions.

Wohler Technologies’ AMP2-E8MDA, Dolby E & AC-3/Dolby Digital with HD & SD-SDI demuxer and decoded discrete AES outputs is our most sophisticated audio monitor with seven sets of inputs, and two inputs each for HD or SD-SDI. All of this, provided in a compact two rack space unit is ideal for remote broadcast trucks to HD master control facilities.

The VAMP2-S8MDA offers premium quality 8 channel Analog, AES/EBU, HD-SDI/ SD-SDI digital multi-channel audio monitoring & conversion with professional level metering. It’s a very useful tool for checking your HD and SD audio and video signals and it all fits into a very compact 2U high chassis. So it only takes up 3.5 inches of rack space.

Wohler’s extensive selection of level meters and confidence monitors now have new models with HD-SDI / SD-SDI input with auto-detection with 8 and 16, fifty-three segment and twenty-six level meters in a compact 1RU or 2RU space. Audio alarm features are an added feature to some units.

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