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Sonic Announces Support for Blu-ray in Roxio Consumer Products and AuthorScript SDK
Showcases Blu-ray Creation and Playback at IFA


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Sonic today announced broad support for Blu-ray Disc in its Roxio?-branded DigitalMedia Archive, Easy Archive and DigitalMedia Studio consumer software products. In addition, Sonic announced its AuthorScript? Blu-ray software development kit (SDK), enabling third-party PC application and consumer electronics chip, middleware and application developers to deliver Blu-ray-based recording and playback solutions. Together, these Blu-ray-related developments highlight Sonics continued leadership in the optical media recording and playback market as the new high-capacity, high-definition Blu-ray Disc format moves toward consumer launch.

“Todays personal data archives are often too large to fit on a single or even multiple DVDs,” said Maureen Weber, Global Chair of Blu-ray Disc Association. “With its much higher capacity, Blu-ray makes back-up much more convenient, eliminating the need to swap discs during archiving. And by fitting everything on a single, easy-to-search disc, Blu-ray also make it easier for consumers to find and access their data. We are very pleased that Sonic has once again taken a leadership position, providing consumers with the ability to take full advantage of the latest technology for all of their data-writing needs. Sonics support for BD disc writing and reading media and data files will be a key element in BDs overall success.”

Support for writing data to recordable BD will be incorporated into Roxio DigitalMedia Archive, the worlds first Blu-ray-capable archiving solution for home entertainment center PCs, as well as into the Easy Archive component of Roxio DigitalMedia Studio, Sonics easy-to-use yet complete digital media burning solution. Currently shipping in non-Blu-ray versions on PCs from major manufacturers, both products help users to quickly find and back up their personal media such as music, photos, home videos, and TV shows. Roxio will also add Blu-ray support to its CinePlayer” line of DVD player software, allowing PC viewing of HD video from Blu-ray Discs.

“Sonic is committed to providing our PC, Optical Drive and Consumer Electronics partners with the software applications and development kits required to successfully bring their Blu-ray Disc products to market,” said Mark Ely, senior vice president of strategy at Sonic Solutions. “We are extremely excited by the interactive, high-definition experience that Blu-ray Disc will bring to consumers and are looking forward to playing a key role in its introduction.”

Sonics newest SDK, AuthorScript BD Navigator, along with AuthorScript BD Recorder, offer a complete recording and playback solution for PC and CE system and software developers looking to add Blu-ray support to their own products. AuthorScript BDNavigator supports the key playback functions of a Blu-ray Disc title, including play, stop, fast forward, rewind, and chapter selection. AuthorScript BD Recorder supports data recording to BD-RE media, allowing storage of up to 27GB on a single disc, as well as the recording of digital video and HDTV to BD-RE media in the BDAV format. Developers interested in receiving the new AuthorScript Blu-ray SDKs should contact Sonic at

“Developers in both CE and PC markets already trust AuthorScript for its efficient design and proven reliability, which is particularly crucial as they launch products for a brand new format,” said Jim Taylor, general manager of Sonics Advanced Technology Group. “By expanding our AuthorScript SDK line to include Blu-ray Disc support, we are making it possible for developers to incorporate key Blu-ray recording and playback capabilities into their products in time for the official Blu-ray launch.”

With the announcement of the Blu-ray Disc enhancements to its Roxio and AuthorScript lines, Sonic continues in its industry-leading role developing technology solutions for disc-based delivery and storage of digital media. In addition to showcasing these important new products, Sonic is also presenting a concept demonstration in the Blu-ray Partner Pavilion (Hall 26b, Booth 201) that illustrates the interactive potential of BD-J, the Blu-ray Disc specification enabling advanced interactive capabilities for BDMV (movie) titles.

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