muvee Launches Weddings & Romance Edition

Reprinted from a muvee press release:

muvee Launches Weddings & Romance Edition for Event Videographers at WEVA Expo 2005

Pioneering automatic video editing technology saves time and effort, significantly reducing project turnaround time

muvee Technologies, the pioneer and global leader in Instant Personal Video, will launch muvee autoProducer Weddings & Romance Edition at the Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA) Expo 2005, which will be held at the Las Vegas Hilton from August 8-11. The Weddings & Romance Edition is a special software bundle that introduces muvees automatic video editing technology to professional event videographers. The bundle includes the latest version of the award-winning muvee autoProducer software, as well as more than 90 unique, romance-themed editing styles for wedding and other event videography.

muvee autoProducer is the first software of its kind to deliver an intelligent, automatic and effective video production solution that caters to consumers and professional videographers alike. muvee’s patented technology enables users to automatically transform unedited video and pictures into compelling finished productions in just a few quick steps that take only minutes, even seconds. Users simply select their video and pictures, add in their own music, and apply a muvee editing style. Once the Make muvee’ button is clicked, the software’s Artistic Intelligence analyzes the video to pick out key scenes, such as close-ups of human faces. Low-quality material such as over- or under-exposed footage is also discarded. The software also analyzes the music to determine its tempo and emotional index’, before automatically stitching the selected footage highlights together, with style effects and transitions synchronized to the beat of the music used. Applying different styles for a different look and feel is instantaneous. The end result is a stylish, edited production that can be previewed in real time and saved in a variety of formats, including DV-AVI and MPEG-2 for DVD burning.

Advanced features such as magicMoments give users added control over the content of the final production by allowing them to quickly include must-have’ shots, such as the moment of the kiss, with a simple Thumbs-Up button. If the ex-girlfriend turned up amongst the wedding guests, quickly use the Thumbs-Down button to ensure that no close-ups of her face end up in the final cut.

Terence Swee, muvee’s co-founder and Chief Opportunities Officer, said, “muvee autoProducer is a breakthrough that helps the pros work smart and work fast, and it’s rapidly changing the world of professional wedding and event videography. autoProducer is a useful tool, even for those who work primarily with traditional non-linear video editing software, as it allows them to automate at least a portion of their work. Imagine being able to make a quick muvee of a wedding ceremony and show it to the bride and groom and their guests at the dinner reception on the very same day. With muvee, pro videographers can dramatically speed up the post-production process, shorten their project turnaround time and make more money. The software will pay for itself many times over the first time you use it.”

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