SmartSound Partners with Megatrax

Reprinted from a SmartSound press release:

SmartSound Software, Inc., the leading provider of soundtrack creation technology for visual content creators, and Megatrax, Hollywood ‘s premier production music library for film, television, advertising and multimedia, today announced a partnership to bring a new music library to the high-end film and video market. "The Scene" will launch in June, and combines Megatrax’s high-quality needle-drop music library with SmartSound’s innovative technology.

The Scene goes beyond the traditional needle-drop library method of delivering music in 15, 30, 60 or 90 second arrangements. It features Megatrax music encoded with patented SmartSound technology, which allows each track to be instantly edited into a piece with a complete musical beginning and ending at custom lengths from three seconds to more than 30 minutes. SmartSound also provides instant access to audition several possible musical arrangements for each track before saving the desired arrangement to an audio file that can be used in any application. With this time-tested capability, video and music editors can deliver professional results in less time and turn around music edits faster than ever.

Megatrax’s music library has been used in numerous major film and television productions, including extensive use by NBC Productions for source cues and background music for programming and promotional spots. The Scene will initially feature 10 CDs of needle-drop music appropriate for film, TV and corporate A/V productions, with additional titles planned for future release. Among the CDs included with the June launch are:

  • Three volumes of "Club Life," from famed dance music producer Byron Brizuela
  • Two volumes of "Global Hip-Hop," produced by Karl Lundeberg
  • Three volumes of "Jazz Combo Styles" featuring all live ensembles
  • One volume each of "Acoustic Pop/Rock" and "Crisis/Emergency"
  • SmartSound’s approach to soundtrack creation is quickly becoming the standard for the video editing industry. Millions use SmartSound’s technology through bundles and integration with popular video editing products from companies such as Avid, Adobe, Pinnacle, Ulead and Cyberlink, as well as through standalone software products such as SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro.

    "This partnership brings the leaders in music libraries and soundtrack creation technology together to create a unique offering for customers," said Ben Trust, Managing Director of Megatrax Music. "It was important for us to find a partner that is respected in the industry and can provide a proven technology. SmartSound technology brings great value to The Scene by providing the most effective solution available for users to get a perfect result when creating a soundtrack element."

    The Scene marks the first time that needle-drop music has been available for use with SmartSound technology. This will allow SmartSound to continue to expand its reach in the high-end film, video and broadcasting market. A growing number of independent filmmakers, documentaries and post-production editors are turning to SmartSound to help create scores for their projects.

    "Megatrax has a reputation among professional users for delivering only the highest quality music, and we’re delighted to provide a technology solution that is proven to meet the needs of demanding customers," said Kevin Klingler, president and CEO of SmartSound Software. "The SmartSound approach has enormous benefits for high-end users, and adding our technology to an existing music library only enhances that library’s value."

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