JVC Announces Set-Top Mini DV/DVD Recorder with Hard Drive

Reprinted from a JVC press release:

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY continues to lead the industry in professional combination decks with the introduction of the SR-DVM70U, a 3-in-1 video recorder/player. Video archiving, playback and media duplication is now more convenient and cost-effective with the SR-DVM70U. This first ever 3-in-1 compact deck combines MiniDV, DVD, and Hard Disk Drive Recorder with a 160 GB capacity that offers high storage capacity and long recording times with selectable recording rates.

The SR-DVM70U is an ideal tool for quick and easy editing of live programming and recorded DV footage as well as for dubbing, archiving and duplication in a post-production facility or corporate office. For those who duplicate, the SR-DVM70U maintains the highest, all-digital image quality assured by the digital-to-digital signal transfer and at a recording speed of up to 8x real time.

"The 3-in-1 deck was created for the professional market to simplify the entire archiving and duplication process," said Tim Tokita, product marketing manager for JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT COMPANY. "We understand the need for such products and we continue to perfect and offer multifunctional products in an effort to provide our customers with a cost-effective and more efficient workflow."

When dubbing, the deck analyzes content as it’s being recorded on the hard disk drive and assigns optimum bit rates to ensure the finest picture quality while calculating disc capacity. In addition, the deck features selectable recording times and data rates depending on the application. Copying of DVD discs can also be preformed at a maximum recording speed of 64 times in FR 480 mode.

The SR-DVM70U’s synchronized editing functions allow video data that has already been edited on the hard disk to be transferred digitally to disc via the DVD recorder. The DVD recorder signal helps preserve picture quality and ensures that DVD playback is seamless with no visible edit points.

In addition, the SR-DVM70U is DVCAM compatible. DVCAM recorded videotapes can be dubbed to a DVD or HDD through the deck’s MiniDV recorder. The video output terminal has a BNC connector that ensures reliable and secure connection to other units.

Additional features of the SR-DVM70U include a DV block noise canceller on the MiniDV deck to reduce any block noise that may occur when playing back DV and DVCAM tapes. A remote control code input terminal can be found on real panel of the deck for remote control access by third party vendors. Professional video editors will save time in the editing process with the deck’s ability to store the last operation in its memory function. The last memory function stores the last editing function performed and resumes from the last point as well.

The SR-DVM70U is currently available with a suggested list price of $1,795. . Additional information and high-resolution photos are available on JVC’s Web site at http://pro.jvc.com.

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