Reprinted from a JVC press release:

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY today announced that it has partnered with FOCUS Enhancements in its mission to create and deliver efficient, cutting-edge products for the professional market. The introduction of JVC and FOCUS Enhancements’ FireStore DR-HD100 HD (Hard Disk) DTE (Direct to Edit) recorder is fully compatible with JVC’s new GY-HD100U ProHD camcorder, and can record native HD MPEG-2 stream directly from JVC’s camera.

JVC and FOCUS first announced the Direct To Edit standard definition products in 2003, igniting the industry transition to a more efficient post production workflow. Both JVC and FOCUS have taken it to the next level with their HDV compatible solution. With the FireStore DR-DV100 HD, GY-HD100 users can directly record HD video to disk while simultaneously recording to tape cassettes.

"With the release of the GY-HD100 and DR-HD100, we’re fulfilling our commitment in delivering the highest quality dual media HD video acquisition at an extremely affordable price," said Robert Mueller, executive vice president of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY. "We look forward to continuing to work with FOCUS to develop pioneering products as technology advances in the future."

"Our goal with JVC is to continue to offer video professionals an affordable and efficient means of providing and distributing HD video," said Michael Conway, senior vice president of strategy and business development of FOCUS Enhancements.

"We’ve been working with JVC since the introduction of the FireStore DR-DV5000 and will continue to collaborate with JVC in an effort to deliver innovative technology solutions to the professional marketplace."

The DR-DV100 HD will provide approximately four-and-a-half hours of uninterrupted record time of HD content, making it ideal for field applications such as news, and documentaries. Users can record to both tape and disk simultaneously, creating an instant back up recording for archival purposes. This unique "dual media" approach is not offered with other manufacturers’ tapeless solutions.

The DR-HD100 HD is expected to be available Summer 2005.

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