Reprinted from a MacroSystem press release:

MacroSystem Digital Video, the top provider of stand-alone video editors, delivers a new software solution that will afford users the opportunity to edit digital images on their Casablanca line of digital video editors, exploiting the full potential of high-resolution digital camera images.

Keeping true to the legacy of the Casablanca line of products, Photo Studio’s interface is easy-to-use and is 100% compatible with all Casablanca software and hardware components that meet the minimum system requirements.

The software enables the user to remove flaws from pictures, crop photographs to size and adjust the image color. The clips can then be integrated into a slide-show format with either still shots or adjustable "pan and zoom" animations (often times used in historical documentaries where actual video footage is not available). Organizing and manipulating digital images into a photo collage can be easily employed to achieve various thematic effects throughout the project (I.E. for title screens, to mark chapters, or even throughout the piece as a stunning photo montage). The project is sent to the video partition where the final images can be integrated into the regular storyboard to supplement digital video footage or they can remain a separate project. The final footage can then be burned to DVD for viewing.

"Photo studio facilitates the rich partnership between digital video and digital photography with a straightforward interface that everyone can use and enjoy," says Jon Sabel, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MacroSystem Digital Video, "proving, once again, that Casablanca is truly the peoples’ editor."

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