TMPG Announces New DVD Authoring Software

Reprinted from a TMPG press release:

TMPG, Inc. (, the company that makes digital video easy, introduced today its newest application for digital video creation: the TSUNAMI MPEG DVD AUTHOR. Built on the strength of the company’s TSUNAMI MPEG encoder, widely-used since 1998, this new software makes DVD creation easy for home and professional users alike. The first in a series of TMPG products be launched to the retail market, the new TSUNAMI MPEG DVD AUTHOR is available beginning next month at a special North America retail introductory price of $49.95. A free trial version is available for download from the company’s Website at

Easy to use, even for beginners, the new TSUNAMI MPEG DVD AUTHOR overcomes complication with its easy navigation Wizard that guides users through every step of creating quality DVD video, audio, chapter creation and more easily and intuitively. And, its comprehensive support for multiple audio and video formats makes it the most flexible choice. Import video clips from MPEG-1 or -2, AVI, Microsoft DirectShow, DVD Video or DVD-VR files; and add audio from MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2, Dolby Digital (AC-3) or Linear PCM (.wav), or use it for easy editing of materials recorded on a DVR. TSUNAMI MPEG DVD Author creates a finished DVD in standard DVD Video format, with MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 or Linear PCM sound that, unlike the DVDs that many others’ products output, will play on most DVD players.

TSUNAMI MPEG DVD AUTHOR runs on a Pentium III 800MHz (Pentium 4 recommend) IBM compatible computer with 256MB of RAM (512MB + recommended) running Windows 2000/XP. And it’s one of the first products in its class with DVD +R double layer support, so, for users with the appropriate DVD burner and media, it can create DVDs with up to 8.5GB of DVD video on a single disk.

Available beginning in February at retail stores across North America, TSUNAMI MPEG DVD AUTHOR carries a special introductory MSRP of just $49.95, making it not only the best in class for ease of use and features, but the best priced, too.

TMPG joins the international community at large in support for the victims of the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. To show our support, for each TSUNAMI MPEG DVD AUTHOR purchased through the retail channel, TMPG will make a donation to the relief and rebuilding efforts in the affected areas in South Asia for each. For details on the support effort, visit TMPG’s Website at

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