Reprinted from a Sony press release:

Combining convenient features with great value, Sony’s latest Hi8 and Digital8 Handycam camcorders offer a simple way to record memories.

The 2005 Digital8 and Hi8 camcorders line sports handy features like the NightShot recording system, 2.5-inch SwivelScreen LCD and a powerful 20X optical/990X digital zoom. Recording flexibility has been greatly simplified by duplicating the zooming and recording controls adjacent to the LCD screen.

"Hi8 and Digital8 formats continue to hold great appeal for many consumers," said Linda Vuolo, director for camcorder products at Sony Electronics. "The partnering of desirable features with attainable prices, make it possible for virtually everyone to document the moments of their lives."

Consumer-Focused Features
Sony’s Hi8 and Digital8 camcorders have an Easy Handycam operation button that resets the camcorder’s settings to automatic mode and adjusts the display to show only essential icons like power and tape length, while enlarging the necessary icons for easier recording. The camcorders also come equipped with an InfoLithium battery with the AccuPower Meter system to keep a more accurate and constant reading of remaining battery power.

The top-of-the-line DCR-TRV480 Digital8 model includes backward compatibility to make it easy and convenient for you to playback your existing analog 8mm and Hi8 video recordings.

The DCR-TRV480 model also includes Super NightShot Plus system, which lets you record in darkness, while delivering even more natural color to the video.

Sony’s new Digital8 camcorders include:

  • DCR-TRV280 has a 20X Optical Zoom, build-in light, NightShot Plus and additional controls for ease of use. It will be available in February for about $300.
  • DCR-TRV480 features a 2.5-inch Touch Panel LCD and backward compatibility. Other new benefits include Analog Input with A/D Conversion capabilities, a Memory Stick Media Slot that lets the camcorder double as a camera with the optional Memory Stick media, Remote Control. The DCR-TRV480 model will be available in February for about $350.
  • The two new Hi8 models include:

  • CCD-TRV138 has a 20X Optical Zoom and the NightShot Plus system along with new LCD screen controls. It will be available in February for about $240.
  • CCD-TRV338 includes similar features, in addition to Super SteadyShot picture stabilization to minimize shake in your videos. It will be available in February for about $270.
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