Reprinted from a SmartSound press release:

SmartSound Software, Inc., the leading provider of soundtrack creation technology for visual content creators, has announced that CyberLink is embedding its Quicktracks technology in its new PowerDirector 4 video editing software. CyberLink joins the growing list of top video editing companies that are turning to SmartSound to provide soundtrack creation solutions for their customers.

SmartSound’s Quicktracks technology is the driving force behind the MagicMusic feature inside CyberLink PowerDirector 4. This patented technology allows users to create soundtracks for their projects through SmartSound’s unique “block” method. All users need to do is select a song from SmartSound’s royalty-free music library and bring it into the timeline. The song is automatically rearranged into a complete soundtrack piece with a musical beginning and ending, that matches up with the on-screen visuals. These songs can fit any length needed, from a few seconds to several minutes.

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