JVC Announces New DVD Recorders

Reprinted from a JVC press release:

JVC today introduced a new line of full-featured multi-format DVD recorders, including a series of combination units that combine DVD recording with hard disk drive (HDD), VHS and Mini DV recording.

JVC’s 2005 DVD recorder line includes an array of technical innovations that ensure high picture quality and user-friendly features that offer unparalleled recording and dubbing capabilities. At the heart of the new JVC DVD recorder line is the DR-M100S, which records in the DVD-RAM and DVD-RW/-R formats. The line also includes the DR-MH300S DVD/HDD unit with 160GB hard disk drive, as well as the DR-MV5S DVD/VHS recorder, which features JVC’s exclusive VHS Progressive Scan for superior VHS mode playback.

Additionally, JVC will offer a new three-way combination unit — a DVD/HDD/MiniDV model. The DR-DX7S adds another innovative feature to JVC’s digital recorder line by combining a Mini DV deck with DVD and hard disk drive recording.

"The growth of the DVD recorder market over the last year shows that consumers are looking for more versatility in how they watch television and movies," said Dave Owen, General Manager, Consumer Video, JVC Company of America. "Our new DVD recorder line is designed to meet the needs of virtually every customer. We’re providing advanced recorders that offer an unprecedented merger of innovation and utility."

All 2005 DVD/HDD recorders offer several technical features that boost image quality, including:

  • Super MPEG Encode Pre-Processor — A three-step process that takes place before MPEG-2 encoding of the input signal. A time base corrector eliminates jitter, a frame synchronizer provides frame normalization, and Motion Active Noise Reduction provides a clearer image than with conventional frame noise reduction, such as 3D noise reduction, by using an algorithm that predicts motion and applies it between moving pictures to minimize image lag.
  • Super MPEG Post-Processor — Enhances playback image quality through block noise reduction circuitry, Color DigiPure which provides 3D noise reduction along with color and detail enhancement, and Hadamard noise reduction to eliminate mosquito noise.
  • Bit Rate Optimizer — (HDD–>DVD) — Improves DVD-recorded picture quality, especially in scenes with fast motion and many moving objects, which require a drastically higher bit rate than simple scenes with little movement. With direct recording, the recorder cannot change the bit rate flexibly enough to allocate the appropriate number of bits to each scene, which results in MPEG compression noise. JVC’s Bit Rate Optimizer first analyzes the video content while recording it to the hard disk drive, then transfers the signal from the hard disk drive to the DVD, using the first pass signal analysis to take into account the recording’s total bit requirement. This saves bit allocation for difficult scenes without wasting it on simple scenes.
  • The DR-M100S DVD recorder allows up to 16 hours of recording time (when using a dual sided disc) and shares all of its features with the line’s combo models. In addition to recording in the DVD-RAM and DVD-RW/-R formats, it offers true multi-format compatibility on playback, with the ability to play the DVD-RAM, DVD-RW/-R formats, as well as CD, CD-R/RW, VCD, SVCD, JPEG and MP3 files.

    Other features include 10 bit/54MHz video digital-to-analog (DAC) converter, 192kHz/24 bit audio DAC, quick skip for jumping 30 seconds forward, instant/one-touch replay that replays the last seven seconds, natural reverse playback, and a multi-brand remote control. Connections include iLink; front DV input; front and rear S-Video and composite inputs; component, S-Video and composite outputs; front audio input; and optical, digital coaxial and analog audio outputs.

    The DR-M100S will be available in March 2005 at a nationally advertised value of $349.95.

    JVC’s DR-MH300S combines the DR-M100 DVD recorder with a 160GB hard disk drive into a single deck that provides extraordinary versatility. Among the new features this year in all JVC hard disk drive recorders is a new TV Guide On Screen program guide, an easy-to-use guide that allows users to simply select favorite programs for one time, every episode or every week recording. The DR-MH300 also offers JVC’s HDMI Direct Output, which provides a single cable for carrying digital video and audio signals to HDMI-equipped displays and AV receivers.

    For advanced HDD to DVD dubbing, the DR-MH300S offers JVC’s original freezeless editing technology, which prevents DVD-dubbed scenes from being overcut or undeleted and eliminates any "freezing up" that is typically found in conventional recorders. The DR-MH300S adds additional flexible editing capabilities, including high-speed dubbing (64x max) that permits a one-hour program to be dubbed to a DVD-R disc (8x speed) in approximately one minute.

    The DR-MH300S can pause a live recording and provides several simultaneous recording and playback options — recording on the hard disk while playing back from the hard disk or DVD, or recording on DVD while playing back from the hard disk. Editing using the DR-MH300 DVD Navigation system is made simple with its user-friendly thumbnail image system that makes it easy to find the desired scene. Editing from the hard disk to DVD is as simple as creating a playlist. Dubbing is just as easy — just select the desired scenes and press "ENTER".

    The DR-MH300 will be available in July 2005 at a nationally advertised value of $699.95.

    For those with a collection of VHS recordings they would like to continue to use or archive onto DVD, JVC offers the DR-MV5S, which combines all of the features of DR-M100S DVD recorder with a VHS VCR featuring JVC’s VHS Progressive Scan and a one-touch intelligent dubbing system. The dubbing system includes three new features: auto record speed optimizer — calculates total recording time on VHS tape then automatically selects the most suitable recording speed for dubbing to DVD; auto thumbnail creation — automatically creates video thumbnail chapter references when dubbing to DVD based on the number of recordings on the tape; auto blank-cut dubbing — eliminates blank space between recordings on the tape being dubbed when recording to DVD or HDD. In addition, VHS playback is possible during DVD recording, and DVD playback is possible during VHS recording.

    The DR-MV5S will be available in April at a nationally advertised value of $449.95.

    Rounding off this year’s line-up is the DR-DX7S, which combines 250GB hard disk drive and DVD recorder with a Mini DV deck — a versatile deck for camcorder users. Simply load a Mini DV cassette into the deck to easily edit home videos on the hard disk drive and then dub onto DVD. Mini DV is recorded onto the hard disk drive in the original Mini DV format, so footage can be dubbed, edited on the hard disk drive and then transferred back to Mini DV without a loss in quality. The DR-DX7S be available in July at a nationally advertised value of $1,799.95.

    For those who want the flexibility of all three formats, JVC will continue to offer its DVD/hard drive/VHS combo unit, the DR-MX1S, that offers three different recording and playback options, and the ability to dub between any two. The hard drive in the JVC DR-MX1S has an 80GB capacity. The VHS section of the DR-MX1S provides VHS Hi-Fi recording and playback, and includes VHS Progressive. The JVC DR-MX1 is currently available at a nationally advertised value of $999.95.

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