Reprinted from a Serious Magic press release:

Today at CES, Serious Magic, Inc. announced Vlog It!, the first PC video-creation software designed specifically to help users create a video blog or "vlog." Targeted to the over half-million bloggers in the world today, Vlog It! helps those with no video-editing experience or technical skills create a vlog within minutes to share information, commentary, opinion and more. Vlogs are far more than just video extensions of text blogs. Combining video clips, pictures and music with personal narration grabs attention, enriches communication and engages viewers. From documenting a baby’s first moments or creating video travel journals to demonstrating a product or showcasing highlights of a local sports team, vlogs are a uniquely powerful new medium.

"Text blogging has become the fastest growing form of self-expression on the Internet," says Mark Randall, president and CEO of Serious Magic. "If blogs are the personal, Internet-based version of newspaper articles and print editorials, then vlogs are the personal, Internet-based version of newscasts, documentaries and reality TV."

Until today, video blogs have been relatively rare because creating them was a slow, complicated process, requiring the use of traditional video editing software to make them. Vlog It! uses a unique creation process based around a teleprompter, much like a live newscaster on TV. It works instantly, without delays for rendering, so users see their vlog as they speak, including video effects, titles and graphics.

Vlog It! comes with a library of templates containing TV-style titles, graphics, transitions and effects that enable vlogs to have the production value of TV shows. Users can instantly add their own pictures, video and sound clips from their camera, camcorder or cell phone simply by dragging and dropping. Vlog It! shows can be shared with Internet viewers around the world because it outputs in standard Windows Media Player or RealPlayer formats which can be uploaded to a standard Web server.

"As vlogging technologies become automated and easier to use more people will begin utilizing them," stated Andrew Beach, founding Partner and Director of Convergent Media for Last Exit LLC, in his article on video weblogs.* "Just as happened with traditional blogs, a sense of community will develop within this group. As this community develops, they will become the voice that helps guide how vlogs expand and find even more distinctive uses."

Vlog It! will be available in February for download at or for just $99.95.

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