Teac Announces New Disc Duplicators

Reprinted from a Teac press release:

TEAC, a premier manufacturer of DVD-Recorders, CD-RW, CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo Drives, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, Internal and USB Floppy Drives, and USB Flash Drives announces the launch of its full line of 1×1, 1×3 and 1×7 CD-R Duplicators.

TEAC’s new line of 1×1, 1×3 and 1×7 CD-R Duplicators are stand-alone disc-to-disc CD-R Duplication systems requiring no PC connection. With the numerous menu commands and optional hard disk drive, TEAC’s 1×3 and 1×7 Tower Duplicators offer the best solution for production level CD-R Duplication requirements today. TEAC Duplicators offer high-performance and high-speed duplication at 52x speeds.

“TEAC’s new line of Duplicators have been specifically designed to meet the growing demand for operators wishing to duplicate small to medium quantities of CDs by the most cost effective way,” says Les Luzar, Division Manager, TEAC America, Inc. “TEAC Duplicators offer the highest performance duplication systems featuring the fastest speeds and advanced recording technologies and of course with the TEAC reliability our customers have come to expect from TEAC brand name”.

With the emergence of CD Recordable technology in every day applications, TEAC is leading the development of units that combine ease and design with solid engineering and advanced capabilities. There is no need to load extra software or attach any cables to personal computer. No extra time is needed to setup the TEAC duplicators, as they completely function as stand-alone units.

TEAC will present its full line of Duplication systems at Consumer Electronics Show 2005 (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6-9th, 2005, at Las Vegas Convention Center. TEAC’s booth number is 30917 South Hall 3.

The complete TEAC Duplicator line will be displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2005 in addition to TEAC’s full line of Disc Printers, including the Revolutionary new P55 Photo-Quality Thermal / Dye-Sublimation Disc Printer, launched in Summer 2004. TEAC P55 Printer produces the sharpest and the highest resolution prints available today. TEAC will also launch its full line of the DVD-R Duplicators in Q2, 2005. The DVDR Duplicator line will include 1×1, 1×3 and 1×7 DVDR Duplicators.

TEAC 1×1 CD-R Duplicator, CDW/D11A/KIT is currently available through TEAC America’s Distribution partners. TEAC 1×3 CD-R Duplicator without Hard Drive, CDW/D13A/KIT, TEAC 1×3 CD-R Duplicator with 80GB Hard Drive, CDW/D13A/KIT/H, TEAC 1×7 CD-R Duplicator without Hard Drive, CDW/D17A/KIT and TEAC 1×7 CD-R Duplicator with 80GB Hard Drive, CDW/D17A/KIT/H will be available through TEAC America’s Distribution partners from February 1, 2005.

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