Panasonic Announces New DVD Multi Drive

Reprinted from a Panasonic press release:

Panasonic Industrial Company announced today the availability of the 5x SW-9573-C DVD MULTI Drive for its OEM and system integrators, a product that provides reliable backup and storage solutions for an array of industry uses. The SW-9573-C writes to DVD-RAM discs at an impressive 5x speed, believed to be the industry’s highest speed currently available on a rewriteable DVD drive. The new Panasonic SW-9573-C DVD MULTI Drive was recently honored at the Gartner System Builder Summit & VARVision conference in Phoenix, Ariz. with a nomination for Best Hardware Product.

The new drive extends an already strong Panasonic DVD MULTI drive lineup, allowing OEM and system integrators to provide their customers with a fast, powerful and cost effective DVD drive that meets their customers’ system needs. With the availability of the SW-9573-C MULTI Drive, manufacturers can now choose from a variety of tray and cartridge type DVD MULTI drives, including the Slim (12.7mm) and Super Slim (9.5mm) tray and slot type drives. All new and current DVD MULTI drives from Panasonic provide the flexibility of read/write support for the powerful DVD-RAM format, as well as for DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW, CD-R/-RW.

Reliable backup and storage solutions play a critical role in a wide array of today’s businesses. As technologies improve and advance, the need for more robust storage solutions also increases. Today, businesses large and small continue to create massive amounts of data in multiple formats on a daily basis.

For technology and service provider Formation Inc., which specializes in serving the aerospace, data communications, defense and transportation industries, the functionality and flexibility that Panasonic MULTI Drives deliver made them a clear-cut choice for the highly specialized needs of Formation’s customers. When designing and building cutting edge recording systems for archiving radar-generated air traffic data and voice data of air traffic controllers, Formation trusts the combination of the DVD-RAM/DVD-R/DVD-RW formats for the unique needs of its customers.

“We demand the highest quality hardware and software for the systems we develop; the performance of Panasonic’s DVD MULTI Drives continues to exceed our expectations and those of our customers,” said Doug Crawford, product director of Formation, Inc. “When creating backup and storage technology solutions for highly sensitive customers, such as those in the defense and intelligence communities, it is critical that our technology partners provide us with the most dependable yet cost effective technologies. The Panasonic DVD MULTI Drives have consistently done just that.”

For enterprise and SOHO customers of NovaStor Corporation, a leading developer and distributor of data backup and disaster recovery software, Panasonic’s OEM DVD MULTI Drives are also playing a significant role. NovaStor has certified that this Panasonic high-capacity rewritable DVD drive works seamlessly with its software, offering powerful features that make data backup, management and disaster recovery faster, easier and more economical.

“Our customers are continually looking for storage solutions that are dependable, flexible and cost-effective, and the lineup of Panasonic MULTI Drive with DVD-RAM, including the new SW-9573-C provides exactly what our customers are looking for,” said Elias AbuGhazaleh, NovaStor’s vice president of technical operations. “The speed and flexibility of Panasonic’s latest DVD MULTI Drive makes storing and archiving large amounts of data a much easier and faster task, regardless of users’ capacity requirements.”

For the Communications Recording Systems (CRS) division of Dictaphone Corporation, adding support for Panasonic’s DVD MULTI Drives extends the storage capabilities of its Freedom digital voice recording system. Organizations like public safety agencies, financial services organizations, contact centers and others benefit from a complete solution that enables them to pick the best recording format for their needs. Combined, the Freedom recording system and DVD MULTI drive provide real-time recording, storage/archiving and retrieval of mission-critical communications.

“Panasonic’s DVD MULTI drives enable us to provide our customers with an all-in-one DVD/CD storage solution that provides the security of write-once, the flexibility of rewriteable, higher write speeds, broad compatibility and the ability to choose between a range of capacities,” said John Kaiser, vice president of global marketing at for Dictaphone CRS.

“With the addition of our new SW-9573-C DVD MULTI Drive, we are furthering our commitment to providing our OEM and system integrators with a wide array of powerful technology options for their customers’ recordable DVD needs,” said Dana Berzin, product manager for Panasonic’s OEM computer devices. “In addition to providing what is currently one of the industry’s fastest DVD drives, our SW-9573-C MULTI Drive, Panasonic continues to offer some of the most versatile, high quality and cost-effective solutions for backup and storage needs in a wide range of industries.”

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