ProMax Announces FireMAX-R RAIDs

Reprinted from a ProMax press release:

PROMAX SYSTEMS, INC., the leader in turnkey desktop video editing systems, is proud to announce the addition of the high performance FireMAX-R series removable 2-bay RAID solution to their popular FireWire storage product line. Engineered with the video user in mind, the FireMAX-R handles multiple streams of DV, HDV, and uncompressed SD with all of the popular NLE applications on both the Mac and Windows XP platforms. A 4-bay version of the FireMAX-R is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2005

In addition to RAID 0 performance for high data throughput, the FireMAX-R offers removable bays for easy drive exchange. The simple replacement of drive sets allows for quick backup, storage expansion, and easy access to other active projects. The plug-and-play portability afforded by the FireWire 800 protocol allows the FireMAX-R to be shared amongst workstations as well.

“Hard drive sizes keep growing and the ability to back up is expensive and time consuming. With removable drives, it is simple to swap out one drive set for another and work on different projects” says Jerry Miles, Mac Product Manager for ProMax Systems, Inc. “The combination of the removable large capacity drives, RAID 0 performance, and the flexibility of FireWire makes for a very effective storage solution.”

The ProMax FireMAX-R has begun shipping and is available exclusively through ProMax in capacities of 500GB and 800GB with US list prices starting at $599.00. Call ProMax toll-free at 800-977-6629 (outside US 949-727-3977) or visit for more information.

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