Primera Announces BravoPro Disc Publisher

Reprinted from a Primera press release:

Primera Technology, Inc., the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of CD / DVD duplication and printing equipment, today announced its BravoPro Disc Publisher.

Instead of copying and labeling discs one at a time, BravoPro is designed for hands-free, automated production of up to 100 CDs or DVDs per job. An advanced robotic mechanism is used to transport discs into the built-in 52x CD-R recorders or optional Pioneer combo DVD R/CD-R recorders. After recording, discs are transported to the integrated printer and printed in full color at up to 4800 dpi print resolution. As the “big brother” to the Bravo II Disc Publisher the world’s best-selling CD/DVD publisher BravoPro sets new standards for speed, quality and reliability.

The Fastest Throughput
BravoPro’s robotics speed, tray in/tray out speed, print speed and DVD recording speed all have been optimized for the fastest possible throughput.

Increased robotic speed creates faster disc transport between the input/output bins, CD/DVD drives and printer tray. Discs are also printed faster with Primera’s exclusive Afterburner Print Technology (APT). APT uses an all-new print head technology from Lexmark that doubles the width of the print swath, thereby significantly increasing print speed.

Two CD or DVD drives are integrated into every BravoPro Disc Publisher for maximum throughput. The BravoPro CD Publisher integrates high-speed Plextor 52x CD-R drives. The DVD model integrates Pioneer’s new DVR-108 drives to record DVD Rs at 16x and CD-Rs at 32x. Dual Layer DVD+Rs burn at 4x and allow 8.5GB of data onto a single side of Double Layer media equivalent to four hours of standard video.

With increased speed in robotics, tray in/tray out, printing and the fastest drives currently manufactured, BravoPro can burn, print and transport up to 50 discs per hour.* This is significantly higher throughput than other automated desktop disc publishers in fact, about 22% faster than BravoPro’s closest competitor.

The Best Print Quality
BravoPro prints CDs and DVDs direct-to-disc at up to 4800 dpi print resolution. In addition, the print head has the industry’s smallest ink droplet size of just three-picoliters. High resolution and small droplet size result in superb graphics and photos and the sharpest text quality.

The Best Software
BravoPro is the only automated duplicator in the industry that comes equipped with CD/DVD burning and printing software that is both PC and Mac compatible.

For the PC, BravoPro uses PrimoDVD 2.1 duplication software by Sonic. Sonic is the world’s leading developer of CD/DVD burning software and supplies. In fact, the same burn engine used in PrimoDVD 2.1 is also utilized in the newest multimedia software from both Microsoft and Adobe. A professional labeling software program called SureThing CD Labeler Primera Edition is also included for graphic design or users can design disc graphics in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW among others.

For Mac, BravoPro uses CharisMac Discribe 5.2 Mastering Software. This award-winning software makes burning and printing on the Mac platform fast and easy, while including many advanced features utilized by video, audio and graphics professionals for high-end disc mastering. Disc layout templates for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are also included with the Mac software.

The Best Reliability
Primera’s exclusive, patent-pending AccuDisc Technology provides the most accurate and precise disc picking available today. It utilizes advanced LED optics, instead of mechanical components, to completely eliminate misalignment of the picking mechanism and prevent the feeding of double discs into the recordable drive.

Unlike other higher-end disc publishers, BravoPro also encloses all critical components the robotics, recording drives and media under a protective, transparent hinged cover. This prevents operational and equipment failure due to accidental contact with moving parts. It also protects blank and printed discs from dust, liquids and other possible contaminants.

For disc publishing, discs can be recorded, printed and dispensed one at a time out of the convenient center output slot. This is ideal for placing unique data and/or graphics on each disc in applications such as on-demand music or video, medical imaging and photo processing. For disc duplication, the included Kiosk Adapter and software also allows discs to be burned, printed, collated and neatly stacked up to 100 at a time. Or, discs can be transported from right to left for up to 50 discs at a time.

BravoPro attaches to any PC running Windows 2000/XP through its built-in USB 2.0 interface. USB 2.0 provides the highest-quality data transfer rate and is 20% faster than the FireWire interface.

“Because BravoPro is intended for professional, mission-critical use, it was designed around three criteria: it had to be rugged, robust and reliable,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera Technology’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The resulting product delivers on all three. And at just US $3495, it’s the best value, too.”

Three BravoPro models are available:

  • BravoPro CD Publisher with two 52x CD-R recorders is priced at US$3495 (MSRP).
  • BravoPro DVD Publisher with two 16x/32x Pioneer DVD R/CD-R recorders is priced at US$3995 (MSRP).
  • BravoPro AutoPrinter. For high-speed, automated printing only (no drives) is priced at US$2495.00.

    An adapter kit is available to copy and print 80mm round mini-discs, “hockey rink” mini-discs and rectangular business card shaped CDs. The Business Card Adapter Kit is priced at US$229 (MSRP).

    Primera’s new PTBurn Network Software is also included with every unit. This advanced software allows up to 5 users to send CD or DVD recording and print jobs to a BravoPro remotely from client PCs. The software runs on virtually any server/client network under Windows 2000/XP. Additional 5-user license blocks are available for US$299.95 each. There is no limit on the number of users that are able to send jobs over the network.

    A PTBurn Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) for integration into customized disc publishing applications is available at no charge to qualified software developers and integration companies.

    BravoPro will be available in December in over 80 countries through Primera Authorized Resellers and Distributors. Hundreds of retailers also sell Primera’s products online.

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