InterVideo Announces DiscMaster 2 Gold and Platinum

Reprinted from an InterVideo press release:

From the creators of its award-winning software for making copies of personal DVD and CD videos, DVD Copy, InterVideo, Inc. (NASDAQ: IVII) announced today the release of its latest version of InterVideo DiscMaster 2 Gold and Platinum, a user-friendly burning application that easily creates a CD or DVD in just three simple steps. InterVideo DiscMaster 2 provides a fast, easy way to copy data, music, and CD-ROM or DVD-ROM for archiving and backup usage.

InterVideo DiscMaster 2 is a full dimension solution for data and music copying. Creating and transferring data and music files is no longer a costly application for consumers. With two separate editions, DiscMaster Gold and DiscMaster Platinum, this straightforward burning software makes it effortless for virtually anyone wanting a copy of their content to use. It’s simple for beginners and easy as a snap for professionals to handle any desired copying CD/VCD tasks.

With its user-friendly interface, consumers can create DVDs or CDs in three basic steps: select source, target and burn. In just seconds, users can easily setup to record data, audio, or videodiscs without the hassle of complicated menus or difficult to understand options; it’s quick and easy. From creating backups of audio CDs to collecting favorite MP3s onto a CD, users can also smoothly extract multiple audio tracks including MP3, WAV or WMA from a music CD to a hard disc.

New to the latest version of DiscMaster 2 is the Over Burn feature that allows users to shorten CD-R lead-out area that gives users a little extra room to burn oversized data. Also, users do not need to worry if the project is too large to fit on one disc; the Span Disc option will prompt users to show how many discs are required before burning. In addition, DiscMaster 2 has a broad compatibility and supports all media: CD-R/RW, DVD+/-R/RW/-RAM disc or hard drive. Users can simply select the video output format of DVD, VCD, or SVCD; so no matter what type of drive is used, data and music discs can easily be shared with family and friends.

Designed for ease of use, DiscMaster 2 also incorporates a simplified interface and a step-by-step wizard that guides users along when they are creating CD/DVD processes so almost anyone can quickly master in producing copies of their data and music. Also included in DiscMaster 2 are the Enhanced, Mixed Mode, and Bootable CD features. Users can create an Enhanced multi-session CD with data and audio tracks or a Mixed-mode CD with one data track and multiple audio tracks. With DiscMaster 2, users can even create a Bootable CD or DVD to expand the file system. Other new features include DVD Double Layer Support so users can record twice the data volume onto one 8.5GB disc and Disc Copy in which consumers can make bit for bit copies of a CD/DVD to which they own the copyrights.

Exclusive to DiscMaster 2 Platinum, the Disc Label feature gives users the option of personalizing their CD or DVD by creating their own CD/DVD labels. Users can choose from several designs and images to give their CD a professional look. Also integrated in the Platinum edition, is the InterVideo Direct CD/DVD, which allows customers to use a packet-writing tool that permits users to easily drag and drop the files to the recording area which is similar to using a floppy disc.

Pricing, Availability
InterVideo DiscMaster 2 is available today at InterVideo’s web site, Compatible with Windows 2000 and XP systems, the suggested list prices are $29.95 USD for the Gold version and $49.95 USD for the Platinum version.

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